Albums of the Week: July 28- August 4

What have I been listening to this week?

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Female Vocalist Friday #1

I do a show on the radio [WUOG 90.5 fm over in Athens, GA] focusing on female vocalists and musicians. Through that show I find so many cool ladies, why limit me talking about them just to the Athens area for an hour a week?! I’m going to try to do a running series featuring some of the artists I play on the show!

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Album Review: Tweens

Something about Tweens and their bratty simplicity speaks to me. While it’s not an all girl band, there’s an overt femaleness about it, and one I can totally get behind. It has the riot grrrl spirit, if not the politics, and all the darling charm of a 60s girl group, without any of the innocence. They are like one of those pink self-defense cat keychains, cute and girly but tough and not gonna put up with your nonsense. The most political they get is on McKinlen, which is the name of the red light district of their hometown of Cincinnati, where they include the line “we’re tough little bitches because we’re self-employed” right on, ladies! They are a self-proclaimed trash pop band, and it’s an apt title, as they mix bubblegum pop with hoarse muffled vocals and snarky lyrics about wanting boys to be a little mean and not wanting to be anyone’s girlfriend.  My favourite track is Bored in the City, a catchy track with simple rackety guitars and Bridgette Battle’s  voice squeaking and saying ‘it’s eating me alive’ with a sort of inflection you’ll try to emulate in your car. Of all the garagey female fronted acts that have released albums this year (Bleeding Rainbow, Coathangers, Eternal Summers) these have gotten the most playtime from me, probably because its sugary, snarky, simplicity makes it an instant hit.  It’s perfect for the girls with short haircuts and cute dresses who like to get really rowdy every now and again.